© ©2012 Blue Hills Diary About the Author     Suzanne V. Brown, Ph.D. was born near Portland, Oregon USA in late January, 1952.  Formally schooled in Psychology (Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins University), she left JHU shortly before receiving her Ph.D. to make her mark in the business world. True to the intense, goal-oriented nature of mania she completed her Ph.D. dissertation with St. Johns University (Louisiana) fourteen years later.  It was the mid-1990s when Suzanne joined Dr. (hon.) Rhea A. White of the Exceptional Human Experience Network (EHEN) to investigate personal accounts of anomalous experiences of all kinds. Blue Hills Diary was born out of the intensity and deeper understanding of those mystical and psychical wonders she and others experience. Today, Suzanne works as a drug addiction counselor in the Phoenix, AZ area. You can purchase a copy through: Amazon.com  or  Barnes and Noble s.brown27@cox.net