© ©2012 Blue Hills Diary Blue Hills Diary: Mystical Journey into Mania captures the author's ascension into the astonishing heights of bipolar mania as it intensifies over a few short months. Written as lyrical prose and comprised of a series of rapidly flashing vignettes, this book sings with the joy of profound mystical discoveries and weeps with the pain of flashback recollections. This memoir narrative reminds us of our birthright to embrace Life in all of Its manifestations. Blue Hills Diary is the story of one woman's spiritual Journey Homeward. This book invites those with manic-depression, those who want to understand it, and those who treat it to step inside these pages and actually engage in a mystical reunion of their own. Blue Hills Diary     BOOK EXCERPTS - Ancient Melodies Harmonic Note Haunting Melody Returning Point Synergy Unfurl © 2000 Emerging Lady 6 by Artist Nancymarie Jones Now Available through Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble s.brown27@cox.net